• Cisco Systems (OEM)
  • Wind River Systems (Software)

Semi Conductor

  • Lam Research
  • PMC-Sierra

Contract MFG

  • Flextronics International

Supply Chain

  • Agile Software


  • McKesson
  • Chiron/Novartis

Food and Retail

  • Macy's
  • Beringer Winery
  • CA Culinary Academy

Testimonial for Consultants from the Clients


Wind River Systems:

"Jeff Young was essential in our effort in bringing four of our remote engineering teams from working as separate, isolated, and contentious groups to a point where we are working effectively and interdependently as one team, effectively building a single product together. It was a pleasure working with Jeff. I found him to be insightful, direct, and truthful in his interactions with all members of my organization."

Paul Beusterien, Director of Engineering

That's My Dog:

"Volker Frank's work is quite simply, amazing. He has the ability to look at challenges from an entirely new perspective. His Constellation workshop helped me overcome personal obstacles that were holding back my company. I would strongly recommend his services to any individual or group struggling with a dynamic that is limiting their potential."

Robin MacFarlane, Owner

Cisco Systems:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sedaa Consultant in a Communications, Training and Organizational Change perspective on the S-OX project at Cisco Systems. Sedaa Consultants bring much needed expertise, suggestions, efficiency and results to the work. I highly recommend Sedaa Consultants for your team should you have a need for Organizational Change, Communications, Training and even project management.” “As chief architect and implementation lead for the S-OX compliance communication strategy at Cisco Systems, Sedaa Consultant's clarity of thought and tenacity of purpose were impressive. Sedaa Consultant ensured we remained appropriately anchored in the fact that Process Change People Change. That seminal point guided us as we communicated the value and purpose of hundreds of compliance related processes changes. Sedaa Consultants provided organizational change management support to the Workplace Effectiveness group at Cisco Systems. Helping to develop the strategy by which we took our internal clients through a transition from an old, traditional work environment to a mobile, flexible, technology rich environment. Sedaa Consultant's understanding of the strategy was very beneficial to the development of our program." Chiron: "Sedaa Consultants have made significant contributions in a short time, they add tremendous value to the project - and most especially to the project leader."

Agile Software:

"An opportunity was offered to Kyocera to pilot the Organization Change Management (OCM) service, delivered by Sedaa Consulting. Kyocera could not rave enough about the impact that Sedaa Consulting and this service had. The service helped Kyocera understand and prepare for the potential emotional impact that the Agile implementation would have on peoples day to day activity along with raising the awareness and excitement level throughout the whole company on the Agile role out. Some examples, they had Agile campaign posters posted on walls and inside elevators, held Agile knowledge contests, held Agile awareness days and kept offering many incentives to keep people pumped up on Agile. I need to mention, that Sedaa Consulting, and the relationship and level of service delivered to Kyocera, was one the most critical factors to our success in the end. Many thanks!"