Affiliate Services

Sedaa creates a collaborative environment for its affiliated consultants to share ideas in Organizational Development which helps them work more efficiently with our clients. Sedaa has a unique two tier structure which benefits the consultants as well as the clients they work with. This two-tier approach encompasses consultant on-boarding and client relationship building.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please click here.

Consultant On-boarding Services

Sedaa Consulting on-boarding is a process which offers a place for consultants to collaborate and share their experiences, concerns and successes as a consultant. Consultant onoboarding starts as soon as a consultant has become an affiliate of Sedaa. We set up individual coaching sessions to understand our affiliate's goals, ideal work scenarios, passion, character and skill. Together, we together develop a strategy and approach to match the consultant’s experience and skills with our client’s organizational culture, and requirements.

Once an affiliated consultant starts work with our clients we set up bi-weekly meetings to ensure that they are meeting client requirements and building appropriate relationships. These meetings are to provide a space for affiliates to discuss, brainstorm, think through strategies, and ask for related tools and templates for their projects in order to successfully engage in the needs of the client organization.

Sedaa's on-boarding provides its affiliates opportunities to build their learning and experience through workshops, networking events, as well as pro-bono and volunteer activities. This structure helps bring our consultants together to learn from other high level practitioners with whom they will engage.

Typically after two months of initial biweekly meetings, Sedaa provides affiliates with an option to continue ongoing meetings as needed to ensure consultants have what they need in order to have the most impact on our client organization.

Client Relationship Building

Sedaa offers it's consultants opportunities to network with each other as well as with direct and indirect clients.  This enables the client and consultant to find a good match for particular projects. Sedaa Consulting works with its clients at a strategic level to understand their issues and business requirements. We then facilitate conversations that will result in the best strategy and then develop a change roadmap and a resource model for implementation. Sedaa then acts as the middle expert between the client and affiliate by offering diverse skills from our pool of over 50 affiliated consultants to find a good match between the affiliate's skills and the client's needs.


These workshops are targeted for Sedaa's consultants and are offered at discounted prices for affiliates only. These workshops offer opportunities to build skills as well as to network with clients, affiliates and high level practitioners. To view a schedule of our workshops, click here.

  • Constellations - Constellations have been used in Europe for over a decade and applied in a wide variety of contexts, such as global corporations, family businesses, public and non-profit organizations. Experience the hidden contracts between organizational units, individuals, leaders, teams, and the role you can play to initiate change.
  • As a result of this workshop, you will gain a dramatically new perspective on organizations. After the experience of Constellations you will never see organizations the same way again. You will know how to sense into a situation and appreciate the hidden contracts and silent agreements that create the current dynamic.

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator - The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment that measures a person's preferences on how they perceive the world and make decisions. During the MBTI workshop you learn about the benefits and possible pitfalls you could experience in your working relationship, as well as your personal relationships due to your MBTI type. As a result of this workshop you will reflect on how you can be more influential in your personal, social and work life.  You will gain insight on your communication style, how you work with a team and how you engage with people personally and professionally.

  • Increase the Power of Your Network* - This is an interactive workshop series designed to provide Sedaa affiliates with tangible learning to take away. During these sessions you will obtain tools and skills that will make the hand-off of your business cards more effective. In this space, learn how to maximize your current networks, use your true self as a professional, and use your understanding of your client’s needs to build long term relationships. The series include the following sessions:

      1. Building Your Network
      2. How You Show Up as a Professional
      3. What Your Client Says vs. What They Want
      4. Business Strategy
      5. Yin & Yang of Networking
      6. Make the Connection

* The series includes On Demand Coaching between sessions per participants’ request.

  • Making It Real - The “Making it Real” working session will help you create metrics to measure change for those clients who need to see tangible outcomes when looking at the human side of change. “Making it Real” is a step by step methodology that will provide you an approach to the heart of those clients who see too much “soft” & “fluff” when trying to understand the value of change management. The Program is designed to help you get the attention of those who look at change management as a track within their projects rather than for what it really is – an approach that increases the success of change implementation by addressing “the human” side of change.

Networking Events

Sedaa provide affiliated consultants with opportunities to attend networking events, and as well as opportunities for affiliates to perform presentations to Strategic Alliance Partners (SAP) in order to show case their skills and offering to Sedaa’s SAPs to offer to their clients. Networking events include:

Pro Bono and Volunteer Activities

Sedaa provide consultants with many opportunities to them help grow their consulting skills. Pro-bono and volunteer activities are determined on the affiliates interests and skills.

Sedaa also offers opportunities for consultants to expand their networking and skills through voluntary participation in client engagements such as client meetings, graphic recording, and shadowing.

Become an Affiliate:

To become an affiliate of Sedaa Consulting, you must complete the following forms:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement (Confidentiality Agreement)

Please sign and fax all forms to (267)347-8880 or email scanned signed copies titled "Sedaa Affiliates Documents" to . A Sedaa representative will then contact you to schedule and appointment to discuss becoming an affiliate.

If you have questions please email Shahrzad Kaveh at